Keynote Speeches

Dr. Wei-Min Li

Jiang su Leadmicro Nano-Technology Ltd







Dr. Wei-Min Li is a co-founder and CTO for Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Technology charge of technology and business strategy development. He served at ASM Microchemistry Ltd, Silecs Ltd, and later Picosun Ltd with positions of increasing responsibilities including Senior Process Engineer, Application Manager, Application Director and CEO at Picosun Asia Ltd. Dr. Wei-Min Li started work with ALD technology since1994 and has gained experiences in thin film material, process and equipment technology for a wide range of applications in semiconductor, CMOS image sensor, flat panel display, and photovoltaic industries. He is skilled in industry R&D, technology management, sales and marketing, intellectual properties, and business operation. His current focus is to provide innovative solutions including ALD, CVD, and RIE with smart manufacturing for multiple industries. He is an author of more than 50 publications and an inventor of more than 30 patents, and holds MSc and PhD degrees in Chemistry from the University of Helsinki in Finland. 

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