Keynote Speeches

Dr. Simon Elliott

Schrödinger Inc.







Dr Simon Elliott is Director of Atomic level process simulation at scientific software company Schrödinger.  From 2001-2018 he was a researcher at Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, and led the Materials Modelling for Devices group.  He studied chemistry in Trinity College Dublin (B. A. Mod., 1995) and in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Dr. rer. nat., 1999), and carried out postdoctoral research in Trinity College (1999-2001).  He has over 75 publications and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences.  He is also active in communicating science to wider audiences on TV, radio, stage and online and is a trainer in the Connect2Communicate Academy.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of the Project Management Institute.  He was co-chair of the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (2016) and is chair of the European COST Action on ALD (2014-2018).

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