酒店信息 (Hotel Information)
名称:苏州新城花园酒店          (
Suzhou New City Garden Hotel   
Add.:  1 Shishan Road, Suzhou New District, Jiangsu Province 


交通指南  (Transportation Guide)
苏州火车站  Suzhou railway station     10 minutes  by Taxi
市中心         City Center             10 minutes by Taxi
无锡机场     WuXi Airport           40 mintues by Taxi
虹桥机场     HongQiao Airport    30 mintues to Suzhou raiway station by Train.
浦东机场      PuDong Airport      120 minutes to HongQiao railway station by Subway


周边旅游景点    Attractions in the Vicinity
虎丘山     Tiger Hill
苏州乐园   Suzhou Amusement Park
寒山寺     Hanshan Temple
东山胜境   DongShan
留园       Lingering Garden
太湖烟波   Tai Lake

附近购物   Shopping
绿宝商业购物广场   The emerald city of suzhou shopping mall
商业街             Commercial Street



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